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Scotland, a paradise for land and sea birds

Pictures and videos of the Scottish seaside and moorland

Mainland is sometimes referred to as the part of the country accessible by land from England. This includes the Uplands, south of Edinburgh, the Grampians, between Aberdeen and Inverness, and the Highlands, north of the latter city. The rest of the country includes nearly 800 islands, sometimes completely inaccessible.

With almost twice the surface of Switzerland, but two thirds of its population, Scotland appears to us as a large wild country covered with deserted (and wet) moors.

The presence of vast wilderness areas is conducive to a rich fauna, especially birds.

Several stays have taken us to different parts of the country and its islands and I would like to share with you our experience of this region.

These are only sketches of particularly interesting places. However, keep your eyes open when traveling these roads, which are often narrow or even single track in the north. How many times have we been surprised by a Short-eared Owl on a pole, a ptarmigan or a partridge in the heather.

Despite the scarcity of human beings on certain sections, the animals remain not very shy and, as long as you stay in your vehicle, you can make beautiful observations or take unforgettable pictures.

No way to get to Scotland without stopping at the Fane Islands, just opposite Seahouses, on the east coast between Newcastle and Edinburgh. You will find a video under England, with other must-see places in the country.