Safari in Kenya

Pictures and videos in the reserves north of Nairobi:
Aberdare, Solio, Shaba, Samburu, Ol Pejeta and Lake Nakuru.

Samburu National Reserve – Kenya.

While we were watching two lions sheltering from the heat under bushes, a lioness appears and we manage to follow her to her shelter.

There, totally surprised, we see her going out with a lion cub barely ten days old that she’s trying to move away from the males present nearby. I completely miss her exit from the bushes, but we see her moving away, firming her grip delicately and watching something to her right.

The other two vehicles nearby try to follow her while we stay hoping that she could come back if she gave birth to a second lion cub... which is confirmed less than 10 minutes later. The lioness nearly brushed against our 4x4, not any where bothered by our presence, and leaves quietly with her second offspring.

Our safari first took us to the forests of the Aberdares, among buffaloes and elephants. The water point in front of The Ark Lodge is an ideal place to observe mammals and birds at the end of the day and at night.

The white and black rhinos of the Solio reserve remain an unforgettable sight. Shaba won us over with its landscapes and birds, but Samburu remains THE place not to be missed in the north of the country, with herds of elephants, families of lions and cheetahs, not to mention gazelles and birds.

Ol Pejeta is a more discreet reserve located right on the equator. Few birds, but a nice encounter with two lionesses and a leopard. Finally, Lake Nakuru has lost much of its appeal with the rising waters, but the spectacle of the flamingos, as well as the Rothschild's giraffes, are worth the detour.