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Not forgetting the birds

A selection of the birds we observed in the Samburu National Reserve.

In the Reserve of Solio, we manage to put a name on several species.
The small waders at the beginning of this video are crowned, blacksmith and black-capped lapwings, and yellow-necked francolins.
The raptor looks a lot like the Martial Eagle and, finally, a couple of Royal Cranes, emblems of Kenya.

Our first encounters with birds in the forests of the Aberdares. Suffice to say that for the determination of the species, we relied on our guide.
We will nevertheless recognize first the Gray-cheeked Hornbill, and, lastly, the Striped Coliou. As for the second bird, it will be necessary to wait until I get my hands on my guide to the birds of East Africa to hope to identify it…