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Videos of nature in Switzerland
Regularly, the compost lid must be closed behind the garden hut. Thanks to a trap camera, we discover that the culprits are the marten and... the badger who, despite a weight of more than 10 kg, climbs and enters the bin without difficulty!
On a windy December morning on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel, a naturalist photographer friend and me come across on a group of seven Bearded tits. Very cooperative, we were able to observe them a few meters from us for nearly a quarter of an hour, obviously without disturbing them at all.
On the other side of the lake, one can see the city of Neuchâtel and the geese are calling behind the reeds.
I live in the Alps, at an altitude of 1500 meters and, in winter, many mammals pass by our home in search of food: the fox, the badger, hares, red and roe deer and, much more rarely, the house marten.
Infrared cameras with motion sensors deliver these images that, otherwise, would only leave traces in the snow as witnesses to this nightlife.
At the edge of the railway track, two young foxes play and take refuge in their burrow when passing a train.

At the edge of the river, two long-tailed Tits arrange their nest. In the background, we hear the cry of a Common coot and the song of the Nightingale.

First flight
A bearded vulture brings food to a young on its nest. Later, the young exercises its wings, then takes off and lands on a rocky ledge a little higher.

A leafcutter bee digs its nest in a basin and cuts rose leaves to fill it.