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Pictures and movies of nature in Switzerland
Varied landscapes, between 200 and more than 4000 m above sea level, a place of migratory passage, with biotopes found in the south or north of Europe

Living in the Swiss Alps, I will surely be forgiven for having created a menu concerning specifically my country.

Around my chalet, located at 1500 m in the Alps, a family of Red-backed Shrikes has taken up residence for summer.

This video shows the male and the female. The last can be distinguished from the young with his frankly black beak. Then we observe the youngs, first well camouflaged, then more and more enterprising, going so far as to harass the father.

At 1 min 35 seconds, an Wryneck stays on the barrier next to a young Shrike.

Dipper on the Areuse, canton of Neuchâtel.