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Some videos around Australia

Humpback whales excursions at Exmouth on the East Coast.

Two evening excursions allowed us to first observe the mothers with their young and then, two days later, a mother making jumps, then teaching her offspring various methods of communication with the fins and tail.

Around Cairns and the rainforest.

A four-day excursion with a guide in the vicinity of Cairns allowed us magnificent observations.

We first cross a female Cassowary, then a lost part of a river allows us to observe platypus in incredible conditions. At the edge of a pond, a multitude of waterfowl surround us, night heron, kingfishers, including the pygmy, ducks and egrets.

In the forest, the nest of the golden bowerbird and, at night, opossums and arboreal kangaroos, ending with rock kangaroos.

Finally, our guide takes us on a boat trip on the Daintree River. In addition to the flora, it was the opportunity to see Frogmouths in the nest. In the evening, on our way back, Egrets flights pass near our boat. It is also an opportunity to hear the sounds produced by other passengers, the photographers taking pictures at high rate among others.

Kakadu National Park

With an area of nearly 20,000 km2, slightly less than the surface of Switzerland, Kakadu National Park, near Darwin in northern Australia, is home to exceptional flora and fauna

This video first offers two boat trips on a billabong. Water birds and crocodiles abound on these calm bodies of water.

Then we find ourselves on the edge of one of these ponds, unfortunately quickly driven out by a forest fire that is approaching in a worrying way. These fires, lit to renew the forest area, are however harmful to wildlife.

At the banks of the river near Ubirr, an Aboriginal site whose some rock engravings are shown at the end of the video, however, we remain at a careful distance from the water's edge, marine crocodiles being able to cover at high speed about ten meters on land.