Gazelles, rhinos and others

Aberdare Forest.

While following the tracks in the reserve, we made several unexpected encounters. A young elephant trying to understand what is in front of him, a very confident hyena and two Giant forest Hog.The latter are reputed to be very shy and difficult to observe.

Aberdare Forest – The Ark Lodge.

Night falls, quite suddenly in these latitudes. A group of elephants comes to look for minerals around the waterhole. An adult loosens the ground with its tusks to facilitate access with their proboscis.

A little later, the hyenas appear. Some elephants prefer to leave the area protecting the young, while other adults are busy chasing predators.

Buffalos come to drink, but have to protect their offspring which they keep between them.

Shaba and Buffalo Springs.
A small overview of the richness of these two reserves: Great Kudus, Gazelles-giraffes, Spotted hyenas, Oryx, Grévy's zebras, Warthogs and Dik-Diks.

Grant's Gazelle Ballet.
Shaba National Reserve

A group of giraffe gazelles feeding on the high branches of the bushes.
Samburu National Reserve.