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A multitude of islands

Over 800 islands to explore. Will one life be enough?

Orkney, Shetlands, Inner and Outer Hebrides, the Scottish islands offer a multitude of different landscapes, habitats of many species of birds, sometimes very trusting, a real paradise for the ornithologist and the photographer.

On Huist in the Outer Hebrides, we are intrigued by the regular shriek of an animal in the grass. This is the courtship call of a Corncrake.

Once common throughout Great Britain, it is now only likely to be seen in the islands of North West Scotland as it is so discreet.

North of Scotland, the Shetland Islands offer the naturalist many opportunities to approach wildlife.

In this video, shot in miniDV format more than 20 years ago, we meet several seabirds, but also seals. At the very end, a sea otter appears briefly between rocks.

The original format of the video is 720×576 pixels... rectangular. Transformed into square pixels, the frames are then 768×576 pixels, with obviously a slight loss of definition.