In Spitsbergen, looking for the polar bear

A week on an icebreaker around the Svalbard archipelago, among Polar bears and the far north fauna

Spitsbergen is the main island of the Svalbard archipelago and the city of Longyearbyen is the starting point for shore or sea excursions. This country, which is not very hospitable, is famous for the quality of its coal, exploited since the end of the 19th century.

However, this is also where the World Seed Reserve is located, inaugurated in 2008. The geology and particular climate of this region ensure perfect conservation of plant seeds from around the world.

We have been dreaming of observing the archipelago's fauna for years: Polar Bear, but also the little Auk, the smallest of the Alcidae (barely five centimeters more than one of our sparrows). On this movie, we will also see the Fulmar in flight, the grey Phalarope, the Arctic Sterne and Morses on a sandbank.